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With our international partners as well as our skilled staff we are delighted to work in water treatment, Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment sections. Our skilled staff is experienced in the field of environment and we supplied many packages and equipment for treatment of water and waste water.

Thanks to our international suppliers which provide engineering solutions for design, procurement and installation of each single part of a client's plants. Main packages are listed below for reference:

1-Water treatment package (Mobile drinking packages, RO packages…)

2-Wastewater treatment packages (Compact plants, SBR plants,…)

3-Wastewater pretreatment package (Screen +Grit & Grease removal package Sand classifier).

4-Clarifiers and scrapers

5-Floculation packages and Mixers 

6-DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) packages

7-Sludge processing equipment (Dewatering packages, anaerobic digestion plants…)

8-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Packages for Bio gas in wastewater treatment plants

9- Odor removal plants (Biological and Chemical plants)

10- Mechanical screens (Fine and coarse)

11-Centrifugal pumps and Mixers (Submersible pumps& mixers,…)