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We supply wide range of equipment and packages in this field. Our main customers mainly are oil and gas refineries, Petrochemical factories, Steel companies, EPC contractors and consultant companies. 

Thanks to our international partners  which provide engineering solutions for design, procurement and installation of each single part of a client's plants. Main packages and equipment in oil and gas section  are listed below for reference:

1-Centrifugal pumps (API and Non API)

2-Seawater intake Filters  

3-Indutrial valves (Manual, On/Off, Electrical, Safety,…)

4-Pipes and fittings

5-Chemical injection Plants

6-Desulforization plants

7- NDT (None destructive test) equipment (Phase array & Eddy current devices, UT probes,…)

8-Industrial gas and oil Filters

9-Industrial Lifts and elevators

10-Fans and Blowers

11-DC charger and Batteries

12-Instruments and Electrical equipment